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Our Strategy

The excellent price-performance ratio of our machines and the flexibly adjustable balancing of the most important purchasing criteria create the best basis for the highest possible production efficiency and a competitive edge right from the start.

Low purchase price

50 years of experience in production bring not only expertise and efficiency but also an excellent price-performance ratio for our customers.

Low service costs

Low-maintenance machine designs, flexible service teams, and a transparent policy on replacement parts: That’s our precept.

Short delivery times

Assembly plants in all key markets, with machines in stock for modifications tailored to the customer. We are ready worldwide.


High machine availability

Solid construction, sophisticated technology, user-friendly controls. And clear competitive advantages – right from the start.

High energy savings

Our patented servo-hydraulic drive systems lower energy costs by up to 60%. Guaranteed.


Our Way

Technology to the Point. At Best Costs.


Faster, better, cheaper – and more variably: Flexibility is one of the key factors for the future in plastics processing. Haitian’s versatility and its efficient solutions are very convincing, with 50 years of experience in research, development, and injection-molding engineering.


We will continue to systematically improve machines, processes, and services in order to meet new challenges effectively with technology to the point that does precisely what our customers truly need. With great integration capability through the use of international standard interfaces for every conceivable production cells and for all networked manufacturing processes. For the best balance between productivity and flexibility at best cost.


We will concentrate on injection molding’s archetypal strengths and invest in appropriate solutions that both expand the performance capabilities of standardized processes and also optimize the advantages of cost-benefit ratio. Solutions that match the available budgets and advance our customers’ business. This is what counts.

Our Solution

Efficient Machines. For Every Market Segment.

Haitian International focuses its multi-brand strategy on the demands of the widest range of markets. Our machine portfolio offers optimal solutions for every demand from 400 to 88,000 kN.

With its electric machines Zhafir Plastics Machinery covers all production ranges in the dynamically expanding high-tech markets.

With its hydraulic machines the Haitian Plastics Machinery product range covers all applications in the standard segment and meets international quality standards.

This sophisticated range of injection-molding machines covers the full performance spectrum of the plastics processing industry and meets the widest range of customer requirements in the manufacture of standard and precision plastic parts with a focus on cost efficiency.

Zhang Jianming

CEO, Haitian International